About Joanne

I discovered kinesiology over 10 years ago in addressing my own life challenges at that time.  I was first led to Transformational Kinesiology (TK), and as soon as I opened that door, I had to know more; as it seemed to have the answers and explanations for all the big life questions I had.  With the deepening of my self awareness, I could see my challenges from the bigger perspective and move on to creating a better life. I had tried many other modalities before which either had no improved result or took so many sessions I was a bit tired of going over the same story!  So now I could take control and see changes happening much more quickly . I studied every level of TK and now combine that with traditional and new forms of structural  and energetic kinesiology 

Joanne is certified through Polaris International College in Denmark as a practitioner and educator of Transformational Kinesiology.   It was her interest in yoga and personal transformational  processes as well as energetic medicine that opened the path to study Transformational Kinesiology (TK) .   She also has completed Cert IV of Kinesiology with Create Your Reality School of Kinesiology  Australia and has a special interest in yoga & the energetic body, esoteric astrology and shamanic practices.