What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a  holistic therapy that combines ancient Eastern Medicine principles of energetic healing with modern Western applications of anatomy physiology  and neuroscience.  It is a non-invasive process that uses muscle monitoring (explained more below) to identify areas of your body or energy that are stressed or blocked. These blocks can be physical, mental or emotional issues that deplete your energy and reduce our vitality.


All illness or disease is caused by disconnection or 'dis-ease' between body mind and spirit.   If you think about your life experiences, you will have likely suffered emotional trauma at some stage;  whether by health issues, family death, injury or relationship breakdown .  The trauma from these emotions can cause a shock in our body including our cell memories.  Our cells do store memories and have a direct impact on our well being.

In everyday life, we have to process a huge amount of emotions and impressions; some from our immediate family or work environment, and some from the outer world. Inevitably only a portion are fully integrated and expressed.  If you imagine emotions as Energy in MOTION; just like food, our feelings need to be digested or considered, and then expressed .  Negative emotions that are not expressed become stagnant energy in our physical body and block our flow much like leaves blocking a water drain.  This leads to congestion illness and disease.

Fortunately, we are naturally designed to self organise back into balance which  means we have a natural, innate awareness about what we need to heal or balance ourselves. Kinesiology uses a simple muscle biofeedback system which accesses neurological messages at a subconscious level through the nervous system.  It  monitors our bioelectrical signal communication between the brain, subconscious  and the rest of the body. In doing this we can identify where there are stresses in our bodyThis way we can pin point what exactly is causing us stress and where in the body lies..

The neural pathways in the brain to the body are easily integrated with kinesiology techniques.  The  kinesiology process can then remove those stresses and activate permanent healing.  The unconscious thoughts  identified can give you insights about yourself to help you make better conscious choices. As you make conscious choices, you will move from dealing with problems to choosing and creating the life you want.


  • Reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue
  • Enhance immunity
  • Improve sleep disorders, anxiety and depression
  • Relieve acute or chronic pain
  • Balance menstrual cycle, PMT & women’s health issues
  • Restore joint, structure alignment and muscle imbalances
  • Increase energy levels and focus
  • Detoxify the body
  • Clear digestive congestion & improve nutrition and diet
  • Correct hormone imbalances
  • Improve concentration and learning abilities
  • Elevate mood and motivation
  • Alleviate emotional stress
  • Improve efficiency and work performance
  • Expand your consciousness
  • Manifest your dreams
  • Transform your conscious awareness to create a life with purpose
  • Deepen your spiritual connection and awareness
  • & help you CREATE THE LIFE you want to live!

    What does kinesiology mean?

    The word comes from ‘Kinesis' which means movement or activity. Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that combines ancient Eastern practices with Western Science. It tracks the movement of your body and the patterns or responses you create through your thoughts and emotional intelligence. Kinesiology initially developed in the early 1900s by a Harvard orthopaedic surgeon Dr Robert Lovett who mapped the body's muscle movements, range and brain patterns connected.  It then developed further with chiropractic and osteopathic therapies;  especially by Dr George Goodheart in the 70s; who incorporated a holistic view of the connection between the physical mental and emotional parts of us.
    A thought creates an emotion that creates a physiological effect in our body (e.g. increased heart rate, sweating, racing thoughts). Therefore, these activities are all connected. 


    How does it work?

    Kinesiology uses a muscle monitoring biofeedback system to access this information by enabling bioelectrical signal communication between the body and the innate awareness or consciousness; it identifies where there are stresses in the body.

    What does it do?

    The kinesiology process removes stresses in the body and helps support permanent healing. Some processes  investigate physical structure, anatomy and physiological systems e.g. circulation, digestion, reproductive, cellular integrity, hormone pathways, immunity, toxicity and biological timing for sleep. It can also look into the subtle energies of the energy body - the meridians, the etheric body and auric field; as well as the chakra system, which interfaces with the physical body and outer subtle energies.  

    Where the issues are more emotional or mental - e.g. blocks or negative beliefs that keep you stuck in the same place; the unravelling process of questioning and muscle monitoring can identify significant insights that help you to see your circumstances in a new light, and make better conscious choices.  As you make more conscious decisions, you can not only deal with your challenges, you can move on to creating the life you want. The focus shifts from the problem to solutions and how to do things differently.

    How does it work?

    The brain communicates with the body through nerve pathways and the brain sends signals about the tension and direction of the muscles. All movements of the body work by this communication.   When there is stress in the body for any reason, through gently monitoring a chosen muscle, the unconscious mind will send signals of stress and will 'switch off' or  cause the muscle to go weak. In this way, our innate unconscious intelligence can be accessed to identify what stresses are playing out consciously or unconsciously.

    What happens in a session?

    You come with your problem, illness, injury, story.  If you are in pain in your body, emotionally, or have persistent negative thoughts that you can't shift; we can work with this. The process will involve gently touching a  muscle on your arm and  lightly touching various acupressure and other points on the body. There may be other gentle muscle monitoring movements of your arms or legs. The balancing process may involve using essences, sound, colour, affirmations, movements and visualisations.

    How many sessions will I need ?

    After one session you will feel a release of stress -  physical or emotional, often both. It is recommended to have three sessions to unravel any hidden long term stress, and emotional, brain or thought  patterns or unconscious agendas.   All treatments are tailored to your specific needs. . A coaching program for life direction, career change, manifesting  working with specific issues of your choice will usually be 5 sessions.

    How will I feel afterwards?

    This varies depending on the issue worked with and each individuals needs – but generally there is relief from pain or stress, a sense of vitality or improved mood, a better sense of focus, hope or direction. You may feel sleepy or tired afterwards; and may sleep very deeply the following night. Sometimes there can be a sense of aggravation of symptoms for a day or so after; this is the body reorganising itself so the symptoms can clear and heal. It will usually take a few days to integrate all the balance processes.



    This kinesiology goes deeper in applying the principles of esoteric Ageless Wisdom Teachings which is the essence of all spiritual traditions. This work is about the path to self mastery.  It is for those who wish to explore and deepen the connection to soul consciousness and focus on being a conscious spiritual cause in your life. These deep processes educate and unravel the deeper questions of "who am I and why am I here " setting out useful ways to work towards living and visioning with a higher purpose, & finding your part in the evolving conscious path of humanity.

    Move from dissatisfaction to action, to decision to vision and DREAM

    Align with your higher purpose

    See and give your contribution to the world.

    This is a specialised kinesiology developed since 1983 by international facilitators and researchers Grethe Fremming and Rolf Havsobel; founder of Polaris Institute in Denmark. It is a practical application of these esoteric teachings that facilitates and empowers the individual to find his or her true SELF, being the soul realised person; to live from a place of soul awareness, not personality driven egocentric desires and needs. The focus in the work is to live a life aligned with Soul Purpose.  With the drive from the soul, the life we so align with manifests with greater ease.

    When we can't see the wood for the trees....

    • stuck in that same reactive pattern?
    • keep saying the same old negative sabotaging things to yourself?
    • keep having accidents or can't get over an illness or injury?
    • keep getting triggered by the same situations repeating over?
    • keep attracting the same 'bad /dysfunctional' partner?
    • keep having the same damaging work scenario repeating?
    • unsure how to deal with your depression, emotions, confusion?
    • unsure how to control your endless mental chatter?
    • keep feeling there must be something more to life than this?
    • can't get out of your pain, irritation, worry, fear or anxiety?  
    WANT to be able to look around and see the wood in the trees and walk freely in the forest?

    Take a chance, make a change, try something different; tap into your unconscious to guide you out of repetition. Listen to your inner knowing and take a step in the right direction, just do it!