In one session I was able to identify a handful of damaging core beliefs that were causing repeated problems in my life and relationships; and to shift them and create new beliefs which over the weeks and months ensuing I have seen take shape and heal those areas of my life that were problematic.
Jo is a powerful and intuitive, highly intelligent practitioner who has your highest potential in her sights, she will guide you to your truth with strength and clarity.
— CC musician/songwriter
After a session with Joanne I left with a better understanding of the emotional cause and physical effect that occurs in my body. I have experienced a shift and improvement in issues such as menstrual cycle irregularity and bursitis. Joanne is highly attuned and intuitive.
— Kimberley - radio presenter
It felt like a window had been opened and all my neck pain and stress had just disappeared outside. I felt a great sense of expansion, plugged in and connected to spirit. I felt so much lighter, and had clarity and a strong sense of belonging. I was relieved of pain and was more confident in myself to move forward.
— Zhara Rose yoga teacher
A long standing issue with my knee has been restored by a seemingly simple ‘switching on’ of the electric flow through the ligaments and muscles. Pain has now been relieved and my gait and walk seems smoother and easier. Jo offers a safe and respectful container for each client to journey where they need to
— N Griffin - Counsellor