How can Kinesiology help me?

We are naturally designed  to self-organise into balance. But we get blocked by stress or negative emotions, or toxins, both internal and in our environment;  so we need to find some way to release the build up of toxic congestion.

Kinesiology applies Western medical anatomy, physiology, and neuroscience, with Eastern energetic principles and techniques, to find the most suitable way for your body or mind to unravel stress, release emotional and physical congestion and heal.

The  kinesiology processes are vast; and these powerful balances activate permanent deep healing. Once we are free from stress or pain; we are clear to make better conscious choices.
As we make better choices; we move from dealing with problems to dreams and visions.

  • Release muscular, ligament, joint & fascia stress
  • Enhance immunity, vitality & energy levels
  • Reduce emotional stress, anxiety, fatigue & depression
  • Balance menstrual cycle & PMT issues
  • Support reproductive and womens' health issues
  • Help regulate hormone imbalances
  • Improve concentration memory & brain function
  • Reduce sleeplessness & improve sleep quality
  • Improve digestion and clear gut issues
  • Relieve pain, headaches, nausea, dizziness
  • Support organ and gland function
  • Support cleansing & detoxifying the body
  • Support cellular regeneration & hydration
  • Unravel emotional stress/relationship issues
  • Elevate mood and motivation levels
  • Activate your energy body & auric integrity
  • Coaching to create a life with purpose & vision
  • Deepen spiritual awareness and intuition
  • Learn easy tools to create the life you want to live

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About Joanne


I grew up in Ireland; a country rich with colourful, jovial people , who love to tell stories.  I used to have an uncle who would sit for hours weaving lively accounts of the everyday people's achievements in the face of adversity - a hero's journey in the ordinary lives of people like you and me.   Life is marked by people’s challenges - physical injury and pain; emotional hurt and trauma; difficult decisions and unexpected events.  This is the journey I share with you, as you seek healing, motivation, inspiration, deeper self awareness; and a better quality of life.

Kinesiology helped me on my journey.  As I studied bioenergetics and biochemistry; and the scientific details of  anatomy and physiology; how it worked together made logical sense . There is a real opportunity to experience transformation and healing through these processes. The techniques and esoteric background of these teachings can help you find your own inherent intelligence; and forge your own direction to healing or a new way of living. 

This journey is not just about healing, but learning how to be truly self aware; how to change your life by making conscious choices;  and being responsible for yourself without playing into a victim blame game.  Just changing your perspective or attitude can shift everything into endless possibilities that keep growing to activate greater depths of consciousness.  

Joanne has a diploma in Transformational Kinesiology from Polaris Institute,  Denmark  and Diploma of kinesiology from CYR Brisbane. She is a certified educator of Transformational Kinesiology and Energetic Anatomy. Her life path has taken her from the legal world of the court room to the yoga mat in India.  

She has been a dedicated yoga practitioner for over 2o years and an keen student of esoteric teachings including Buddhism, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Upanishads, Ageless Wisdom teachings of Djwal Khul,  translated by Alice Bailey and Torkom Sarandaryan as well as esoteric astrology and shamanism.

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