Life Coaching With Kinesiology

If you don’t have a specific ‘issue ‘ thatneeds support, you may stillbenefit from this in depth life coaching program.  If you feel a bit dissatisfied or unclear with some area of your life – whether its finding or maintaining a healthy relationship, getting more direction with your career , finances, health, your purpose in life; or finding ways to have a better work /life balance; -  this program is literally LIFE CHANGING .

In this 5 session program we:

  • Look in detail at all sectors of your life – a sector analysis
  • Get you to write out your 7 wish list – and an outcome analysis
  • Use kinesiology to prioritize what to work with each session
  • Identify blocked or distorted emotions or states,
  • Look at various modes of thought, lines and levels of development
  • Apply principles of energetic and Chinese elements model to change stuck patterns
  • Use all the tools of kinesiology to correct and release blocks to change, increase your resources, inspire your creativity, upgrade or refine your skill set , inspire and motivate you to action your plans.