OFFERING again this popular 4 week ADRENAL RECOVERY PROGRAM from 9th OCTOBER to 6th NOVEMBER 2018.

If it took just 4 weeks to recover your energy and motivation eat better,

     to sleep better, 

     to feel better

     to relate with others better

     to get a new boost to your energy levels 

     to start a great eating routine with yummy recipe options

     to start a new exercise routine that supports having more energy not less

     to get those work tasks done with no stress.............and so much more......

Would you nourish yourself with 4 weeks of attention on you; so that you can give attention and focus to others in good balance?  

A unique collaborative approach using kinesiology and naturopathy to fine tune your health profile, diet and nutrition, muscle test your optimum supplement regime, as well as using kinesiology techniques for stress release, digestion, immune, detox and emotional support.  It’s a full comprehensive overhaul.

EARLY BIRD is just $398 before 25 September 2018. That’s just $99.50 per week.  Full price after that is $468; that's just $117 per week. Payment plans are available and discounts for previous participants.  We are also taking skype participants and will send more details of options on inquiry.  


A major cause of adrenal fatigue is stress, over working, and pushing too far to meet multiple demands.  In Australia, 62% of GP say the visits are for psychological reasons, (GP Practice Health of the Nation 2018 report).  So it seems there is a greater need in the community to address issues of body and mind; diet and emotional wellbeing, life style and mental wellbeing;  to fully address our health issues.  Other factors are life traumas, diet, lack of exercise, financial stress, toxins, lack of sleep and more.


A detailed health assessment 

A detailed diet and nutrition plan

A detailed kinesiology treatment for stress release, detox and digestive support.

A weekly group meeting for 4 weeks, giving you more information and resources on food, energy clearing, calming techniques ..and more

A follow up naturopath and kinesiology session to track your progress.

Provide a collection of free e-books on nutrition, recipes, useful information, and energy techniques. 


 " When I started the program I was so exhausted.  I had spent the previous 6 months feeling flat, sluggish, unmotivated and overall not super happy.  

I couldn't understand why I was feeling this way.   I ate healthily, I exercised regularly, and I had a good life.  But something was just not right. That's when I signed up for the program.  I'm not going to lie, the first two weeks were tough to get through, but with the constant support of Grace and Joanne I made it through to the other side. I couldn't believe how much energy I had after the program.  At long last I felt healthy, clean, motivated, energetic, happy and balanced. Both Grace and Joanne are very real, and understand there is no right or wrong, and overall they are a fantastic team to coach you through the necessary changes. " 

 If you or anyone you know is struggling with fatigue, bad sleep patterns, brain fog, loss of drive, depression, or weight gain' - who might benefit from this life changing program; share this with them and contact me for more information.

I have been so inspired by the dedication and improvement achieved by past participants, I know that this program can deliver the tools to make that change from TIRED TO INSPIRED.  

 So jump in and sign up now – or call me 0403637156




Anxiety Stress Release Program

If you suffer long term anxiety or stress, your body will be in high alert states and flight response over longer periods than we are designed to maintain – and soyou your energy resources are slowly being depleted in the long term and your resilience will be reduced.

In this personalize program we:

  • Assess the vitality of organs glands and brain neurophysiology, especially focused on hormones related to flight response short and long term.
  • Assess the drivers conscious or unconscious behind the stress response
  • Assess impacts on sleep patterns and quality of sleep
  • Assess the impact of diet and digestive patterns
  • Set out a program of daily “DE STRESS ‘ techniquesthat are quick and easy and help to immediately calm your nervous system, slow your breath, increase your energy levels and optimize your focus and attention . 

Personalised Health Program

Better health is about preventing illness and dis-ease developing in the first place.  How do we do this?

  • Assess where you are now – profile diet exercise etc
  • Assess the vitality of your organs, glands, nervous system, brain physiology...
  • Look at any unhealthy risk habits that creep up again and again
  • Look at negative emotional beliefs /thoughts/internal dialogues that loop around and remove them
  • Change your old negative thinking patterns to positive inspiring ones
  • Set out an action plan to keep you on track.

Life Coaching With Kinesiology

If you don’t have a specific ‘issue ‘ thatneeds support, you may stillbenefit from this in depth life coaching program.  If you feel a bit dissatisfied or unclear with some area of your life – whether its finding or maintaining a healthy relationship, getting more direction with your career , finances, health, your purpose in life; or finding ways to have a better work /life balance; -  this program is literally LIFE CHANGING .

In this 5 session program we:

  • Look in detail at all sectors of your life – a sector analysis
  • Get you to write out your 7 wish list – and an outcome analysis
  • Use kinesiology to prioritize what to work with each session
  • Identify blocked or distorted emotions or states,
  • Look at various modes of thought, lines and levels of development
  • Apply principles of energetic and Chinese elements model to change stuck patterns
  • Use all the tools of kinesiology to correct and release blocks to change, increase your resources, inspire your creativity, upgrade or refine your skill set , inspire and motivate you to action your plans.