Transformational Kinesiology

Be a 'conscious cause' rather than react because...


This kinesiology goes deeper into applying the principles of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, the essence of all spiritual traditions. Being wisdom it is old, and applying it in our world today it is now more important for every day living.  This work makes SPIRITUAL - LOGICAL  in its application.  

This work is for those who wish to explore and deepen the connection to soul consciousness and focus on being a conscious spiritual cause in your life, living your vision, with a higher purpose, & finding your part in the evolving conscious path of humanity.

This is a specialised kinesiology developed since 1983 by international facilitators and researchers Grethe Fremming and Rolf Havsobel; founder of Polaris Institute in Denmark. It is a practical application of these esoteric teachings that facilitates and empowers the individual to find his or her true SELF, unravelling the 'who am I and why am I here " journey - to live from a place of connection to higher self or soul awareness; and not to be driven by personality egocentric desires and needs. The focus in the work is to live a life aligned with Soul Purpose.

How do we do this?

We learn to SEE how the 'little' us gets triggered and reacts from a place of Victim, Rescuer or Accuser.

We learn to OBSERVE what is going on in our life and SEE - (1) what is the lesson from this situation and (2) how can I use it so I don't need to repeat AGAIN

We learn how to change habits, thoughtforms and illusions, and discriminate from a higher place

We learn to understand our energetic and spiritual make-up

We learn to apply and use the energies of the 7 Sacred Rays to live with Will, Love and Wisdom,Creative Intelligence - and more.